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Beaver Creek Ski Resort

In 2016, Hulsinger Electric worked with the Beaver Creek Ski Resort, which is part of the Vail family snow making team.

We provided heated screens for one of their water intake locations that pulls water from the creek to fill their reservoir used in their snow making process.

We utilized a multi-zone system in this location because part of the screens would be extending out of the water. Having a “submersed” zone and an “exposed” zone gives us the ability to limit the power being wasted by the section of the screens that extend out of the water.

Due to environmental regulations, we custom designed and laser cut stainless sheeting to provide the necessary opening sizes and maintain maximum heat transference from our heated bars to the screen.

In the fall, operators found out the bars that were just above the water were able to maintain a temperature hot enough to burn off leaves that would try to accumulate in front of the screens.

The screens have been successful at deterring ice formation, and when used in conjunction with air, any ice that tries to accumulate in front of them is cleared, allowing water to continue to flow.

Heat Without Air


"This first video shows the effectiveness of the heated screens in not allowing any ice to form or stick to the screen. Any ice formations that are too large to pass through the screen either melt into smaller pieces and pass through or are eventually carried back into the creek." 

Heat and Air


Because of the large amounts of ice in this very narrow creek, air was added to the system to help deter ice from gathering in front of the screens. This combination allowed the client to pull water from the creek all winter long without ever experiencing a freeze up. As you can see in this video, anywhere there was not heat, ice eventually formed to the intake crib and did not break apart with just air. However, in this application, the heated screens and air proved to be a perfect combination."

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