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Hulsinger Electric provides corporate customers and municipalities with heated water intake systems specifically engineered and constructed to help prevent frazil ice and potentially deter zebra mussel colonization.


Using Programmable Logic Controllers, Resistant Temperature Devices, and Modulating Power Supplies to monitor water temperature and regulate the heated intake screen temperature, Hulsinger systems provide an efficient way to power the screens. This process utilizes only needed electricity saving our customer’s money and reducing negative environmental impact.


Hulsinger Electric has a proven track-record of furthering the protection of frazil ice development on water intakes.  Over the last fifteen years, several of our intake water heaters have been successfully utilized in and around mulitple Great Lakes communities helping protect and secure water intake systems.


Another benefit of using our heated intake screen systems is the reduction of Zebra Mussels. During the summer months, the heated screens can maintain a temperature of over 100 degrees deterring the zebra mussels habitat.

Water intake
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