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Bloomsburg, PA

In 2017 Hulsinger Electric worked with Johnson Screens to modify their existing design to incorporate our heater technology. The combination of their air burst system and our heat proved very effective in a low level creek that had created many issues in the past. (See video below.) .

We were also able to include temperature feedback from the screens to allow live monitoring of the screen temperature in comparison with water temperature. 

Using a programmable logic controller interfaced via profinet with our power supplies we are able to get the most data and control possible with minimal hardware to reduce electronic failures. This technology also allows us to monitor power usage for maximum efficiency. The controls continually self monitor status of the system checking for any issues, even during summer months, to prevent failure at critical times.

All of our system can be interfaced with the SCADA system used by the facility.

Heated Johnson Screen

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Video showing the Heated Johnson Screen in service.

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