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Hammond Water 

In 2004, Hulsinger Electric built 3 heated intake screens for the Hammond Water Authority to improve water flow during frazil ice conditions during the winter months in one of their intake pipes. The pipe teed into a matrix of 3 intake cones. Each screen was approximately 15’ in diameter and only 3” high and sat on a beam structure designed to fit in the top opening of each cone.


For this project we designed and constructed each unit in 4 separate pieces to make installation simpler for the divers. One of the units had a built in hinged opening to allow diver access into the intake cone.


Hulsinger Electric worked closely with the diving company to pull the power cable from the shore into the lake, and make the connections at each unit. The units have underwater mate-able plugs to allow for easier service of an individual unit. Since completion of this project we have upgraded their power supplies to more reliable and stable units.

heated intake screen
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